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Homage Maximilian Faktorowicz

Max Factor & Company is a cosmetics company, founded during 1909 by Maximilian Faktorowicz (1877–August 30, 1938), Max Factor, a Polish-Jewish cosmetician. Max Factor & Company was a related, two-family, multi-generational international cosmetics company before its sale in 1973 for 0 million dollars. Presently, the Max Factor name is a popular brand of Procter & Gamble Co., which purchased the company in 1991.

After emigrating to the America in 1904 Max Factor moved his family and business to Los Angeles, California, seeing an opportunity to provide made to order wigs and theatrical make-up to the growing film industry. Besides selling his own make-up products he soon became the West Coast distributor of Leichner and Minor, two leading theatrical make-up manufacturers.

In the early years of the business Factor personally applied his products to actors and actresses. He developed a reputation for being able to customize makeup to present actors and actresses in the best possible light on screen. Among his most notable clients were Ben Turpin, Gloria Swanson, Mary Pickford, Pola Negri Jean Harlow, Claudette Colbert, Bette Davis, Norma Shearer, Joan Crawford, Judy Garland. As a result virtually all of the major movie actresses were regular customers of the Max Factor beauty salon, located near Hollywood Boulevard.

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Max Factor is credited with many cosmetic innovations, among which are:

1914: Released the first cosmetic made specifically for motion pictures, a thinner greasepaint made in 12 shades. It was in cream form and packaged in jars, as opposed to the thicker stick greasepaints used for theater.
1917: Released “Supreme Liquid Whitener” which provided a means of obtaining a alabaster smoothness on the neck, shoulder, arms and hands.
1918: Released “Color Harmony”, a range of face powder which due to its wide range of shades allowed the customizing of consistent make-up for an individual actor or actress.
1925: Released "Max Factor's Supreme Nail Polish," a metal pot of beige-colored powder that is sprinkled on the nails and buffed with a chamois buffer. It gave nails shine and some tint.
1927: Released "Society Nail Tint," a small porcelain pot containing rose colored cream. Applied to the nail and buffed, it gives a natural rose color. "Society Nail White" was also released. This was a tube of chalky white liquid that is applied under nail tips and left to dry. The end result resembles the modern French manicure.
1928: Developed cosmetics specifically for use in black-and-white films. Max Sr. was awarded an Oscar award for this innovation.
1930: Invented Lip Gloss.
1932: Developed a line of "Television Make-up," specifically to meet the needs of television.
1934: Released Liquid Nail Enamel, forerunner of today's nail enamels.
1935: Opened the unique Max Factor Make-up Salon in Los Angeles.
1937: Released "Pan-Cake", forerunner of modern cake makeup, originally developed for color films.
1938: Max Factor died at age 59. Max Factor Jr. expanded the family-run business internationally. First commercially available concealer: "erace".
1940: Released "Tru-Color" lipstick, the first smear-proof lipstick.
1948: Released "Pan-Stik" makeup.
1954: Released "Erace", the original concealer, and developed a line of cosmetics specifically for color television's needs. (This line remains the standard for TV cosmetics.)
1971: Released the first "waterproof" make-up.
1980: Japanese subsidiary acquires an antioxidant derived from sake wine, called Pitera. Subsequently launches Max Factor Success Key with Pitera, which would later be renamed SK-II.
1988: Launches the world's first colorless (clear) mascara

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