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Jewellery: Lost in Translation

‘Maybe it was my first necklace I got as a child in 1974, which formed my affection for plastic. It was a necklace of coloured plastic tubes threaded on an ordinary string.’

Jantje Fleischhut travels around in universe. The take-off has its origin in a large collection of old found plastic; mounts of discoloured pieces sorted by colour serve the artist as an archive with an enormous values. Opening the drawers give joy and inspiration in form and colour. The fascination and predilection for plastic material let arise jewellery in her hands.Using strictly found objects in the beginning, the need to create own shapes, to be independent from already exciting plastic forms grew strongly. At that time Fleischhut started an intense material research. Since then one part of her workshop resembles strongly a laboratory; the other contains a classical goldsmith bench. The workstation to operate with toxic material is equally important to the one to handle gold. Precious metal and plastic is treated with the same care and attention. For Fleischhut both materials are completely equal in value. With unflagging zeal she explores the possibilities of integrating plastic and precious metals in her work to visualize her interest in space travelling and communication. Her sensitive constructions bring the bright glisten of the moon just a little closer.

Tuesday, 23.11.2010
19:30 (Cet)

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