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Qompendium Loves Kangaroos Skywalker III

So what is Christmas all about? For us at Qompendium, Christmas is the great capitalist abundance feast taken from the economical standpoint and from the nostalgic point of view, you may wonder? Simple. We want to share our love of the season with our fans, friends and foes. And holiday season means gifts from Qompendium to you. Let us introduce you to brands we enjoy and trust.

Finally the 80’s cult classic is back and you don’t have to go all the way to Paris to get it. Qompendium loves Kangaroos and wants you to have the Skywalker III in red or blue. We are giving away 6 pairs and this edition is limited to 600 pieces each worldwide. So this is a very special treat.

How to win?
Join our Facebook Fanpage and leave your message on our discussion board Qompendium Loves Kangaroos Skywalker III.
Deadline: 20.12.2010 END

Friday, 03.12.2010
18:00 (Cet)

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We are happy that Kangaroos reissued its famous "hot shots" in special "ROOS" lines. The original hot shots are collectibles traded at sneaker markets today, even twenty years after their appearance. The designs are made available in new limited and carefully chosen editions, to appear exclusively in selected shops such as the Colette in Paris.

Skywalker III has a history of its own
Kangaroos caused a stir not only on the running and jogging scene: the legendary Kangaroos Skywalker III, a classic among basketball boots, conquered the NBA in 1983. With its ankle strap, colored outer sole and the ubiquitous pocket, it was launched to fame beyond the scope of the sports arena by one of its most prominent wearers, NBA legend Clyde Drexler, making Skywalker III the must-have of 80's street couture. Drexler won gold wearing Kangaroos at the Barcelona Olympics in 1992 and as of 1996 has been considered one of the best 50 NBA players of all time.

If you like the Skywalker III you will also find interest in the Combat. This ultra-light running shoe is designed by the architect Bob Gamm, who kicked off the "sneakers with pockets" era back in 1979. In the same year Bill Rodgers won the Boston City Marathon wearing Combat. Within a short time Combat rose to a bestseller in the segment of running shoes. In 1980 the icon with the famous side pocket – today still the mark of Kangaroos – became the best-selling sneaker model in the U.S.

Where to buy?
Get hold of these great models in various stores in Europe:
Colette in Paris
Patta in Amsterdam
Overkill in Berlin
Kickz in Munich
Steffl in Vienna
Shoe You in Düsseldorf
And the Colette Online Store

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