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It is Matterprinted!

So what is Matterprinted all about? Panos and Aris met at Ozon Magazine where they work as Creative Director and Digital Director respectively. Sharing a common passion for printed matter the partners decided to create a curated magazine cover archive and thus Matterprinted.com was born. With sites and blogs on magazines and collectibles mushrooming and the Internet becoming diversified one question will still remain unsatisfied: Is print dead? No, print is certainly alive and Qompendium is working on that since 2001 with strong belief in the power of paper. Yet the exploration of digital formats is as thriling and with sites such as Matterprinted  more people will understand this power and develop concepts for using this medium for their clients and ideas.

Wednesday, 05.01.2011
17:45 (Cet)

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Qompendium: Don't judge a book by its cover ... what do you think of that idiom?
Matterprinted: We took that idiom and 'twisted' it to create our 'Judging by Cover' motto; we believe that a great cover is a great ambassador for great content; having said that, a 'pretty' cover does not equate great content. We partially agree with the idiom; you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover but at the same time a good publication deserves a well designed cover. 

What is your project Matterprinted about?
Both of us love to collect flyers, magazines, books, business cards, catalogues, posters and we both work for a magazine publication (Ozon Magazine). Printed matter is part of our daily life so we decided to start Matterprinted, a digital cover archive for print publications.

How long have you been running this?
We've been running the site since April 2010.

There are so many sites mushrooming on this subject and "competition" is great on the market, what goals are you aiming for?
Competition is a good thing, it motivates people to try harder and get better, our goal is to build a 'curated' archive of magazine and book covers. So far we've actually owned and individually scanned each and every cover that has been featured on our site. We like the 'real life' feel of smudges, creases, roughness paper, that's why we prefer to scan the covers than just grabbing a digital version of a magazine or book from the Internet. We pay attention to providing as much details as possible for each publication such as dimensions, country of origin, publication date, etc. which will hopefully be useful for future reference purposes. We've also started accepting submissions from designers and publishers since we'd like to expand our archives and we don't have direct access to the wealth of publications out there. Our goal is to become a curated cover archive that will hopefully be an inspiration destination for everyone who enjoy good design.

What do you do for life when you are not working on Matterprinted?
Panos is an graphic designer and Aris is a business grad that mutated to a web/design nerd. We are both working for Ozon Magazine.

Anything you want to share with the design community?
Print is not dead.

Very good, do you know our Print is Alive project? We are working on that since 2001 and believe strongly in the power of paper yet we love to explore digital formats too and believe that aspirations like yours will contribute to more paper projects.


Panos Papanagiotou
Panos is attracted to beauty. At first, he dreamed of becoming an architect, then moved to interiors but found his true love in graphic design without however saying no to anything creative that comes his way. A fanatic blogger who also loves magazines and all kinds of elegant publications and dreams of a whopping library of his evergrowing collections.

Aris Karatarakis
Aris is obsessed with technology and design,  been blogging since 2005 and has since then launched a dozen of design/fashion blogs together with close friends. When he's not surfing the web for inspiration he's flipping through pages of books and magazines and trying  to develop some sort of photographic skills.

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