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“When two flashing swords meet there is no place to escape, move on coolly, like a lotus flower blooming in the midst of a roaring fire and forcefully pierce the Heavens!”


By Tekisui, the abbot of Tenruji, Yamaoka Tesshu


Thursday, 01.12.2011

Upon meditating on an old koan from Tekisui, the abbot of Tenruji, Yamaoka Tesshu, one of the last great swordsman of Japan was finally able to defeat his teacher Asair Gimei in a decisive match.

Word mazes known as koans were created to release the mind from rational thoughts and allow intuition to find truth in the mystery. A Zen garden was also considered a visual koan just as nature which asks a person walking in its midst questions without answers. Each approach was an invitation to meditation and abstraction where one is left to find the key to their own quintessence. 

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