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Banana Bazaar by Non Collective
Tuesday, 17.04.2012

Nat Thomson aka A Silent Flute has been mixing one thing or another for over ten years, first in Baltimore (where he penned the definitive history of Baltimore Club for Wax Poetics) and now in NYC (where he gets all his good music tips from yoga instructors), but always on The Internet. You might know the A Silent Flute name from the long running and obscure (Underpublicised) mix series hosted on his blog, where he trots out the most far-out records from his deep collection.

He has also mixed for the likes of Mad Decent, Mishka, Test Pressing, East Village Radio, AOR Disco, SlamXHype and some suburban Persian club promoters one time in 2002, where he may or may not have been forced to play trance. On Banana Bazaar he connects the dots between euro-reggae, '80s tribal-jazz, African grooves and Brazilian jam sessions.

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