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Koudlam Brother

Directed, shot and edited by Frederik Jacobi
Music by Koudlam, Label Pan European Recording

"Last night I took in French recording artist Koudlam at the Austrian Cultural Forum on 52nd. Koudlam describes his music as electronica/tropical/psychobilly; duly apt. The vibe was very Easton Ellis party piece; first scene of The Informers moody or alternately Less Than Zero coke-fete-montage creepy jubilance. Maybe it was the sunglasses. While sucking on an imported bottle, Koudlam crooned (think time-stretched "Bela Lugosi's Dead"), virtually motionless in front of a laptop. All told, the performance and vibe added up to a sort of Vangelis featuring Jim Morrison collaborating on a cocktail of Adderal and THC vibe." By The Silent Flute.

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