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Lunette: The Cup

Maybe a tabu theme or maybe categorized as boring? Maybe it is only for women? If we can go to cloth diapers for babies we can also rethink menstrual cycles and tampons.

In average a woman uses up to 17.000 pads or tampons during her lifetime. The resulting waste amounts to a global annual of 45 billion feminine hygiene products and it creates not only an ecological but also a health problem: bacteria, imbalance of vaginal flora and bad odor to name a few.

The first reaction to the word „menstrual cup“ is usually something between disbelief and repulse. But it shouldn't be. This little invention dates back to the 1930s. Now it makes a big come back by the Finns. Lunette is biodegradable, healthy and sin free.

More information on www.lunette.com

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