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Capitalism vs Socialism: The 1984 Leonard Peikoff Debate


Leonard Peikoff is an intellectual giant. In roughly 25 minutes he unapologetically outlines in entirety the philosophical case for a laissez-faire capitalist society and swats away the socialist arguments with an ease indicative of a man who (to paraphrase Philosophy: Who Needs It?) has achieved the fullest understanding of his beliefs, the fullest confidence in his knowledge and his ability to express them, and the fullest certainty of the moral rightness of both.

And if you want to know why free market capitalism today is being assaulted on all fronts, it’s because its supposed advocates cannot and will not claim that same understanding, confidence, and moral authority.

Libertarians who criticize him because of a certain interview with Bill O’Reily (which will warrant another post) that he participated in would do well to watch this debate and reevaluate their position on a man who deserves nothing but to be held in the highest regard as a defender of freedom and a champion for human life. 

He’s a man who can be a education to us all — so watch the debate if you want.

Debate on Youtube here.
And follow this forum if you like what you see and read: howardlaughed.com

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