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Black Hole
Tuesday, 08.12.2009

Anouk Kruithof (b. 1981) and Jaap Scheeren (b. 1979) graduated in 2003 at St Joost Academy in Breda. Not long after, they were interviewed by the Dutch daily newspaper 'de Volkskrant' in a series on the future of art-school graduates.
This series was titled 'the black hole'. For both of them this name came to symbolise their determination to carry on in photography. They decided to use it as a theme for an ambitious project. The duo photographed series individually and together about depression, black-outs, the universe and actual black holes.

To develop this broad theme as meaningfully as possible, Scheeren and Kruithof interviewed several experts in various fields, such as psychiatrists, astronomers and biologists. They also consulted many books and the internet. Scheeren and Kruithof have combined the photos to form this publication, which can be interpreted in many ways. The pictures relate to each other in ever changing variations, engendering new, unexpected meanings. The black hole is constantly filled in new surprising ways.

With the dummy of their book, Scheeren and Kruithof were the first winners of the Unique Photography Prize awarded by HUP Gallery Amsterdam and Kwak & Van Daalen & Ronday.



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