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Branding, Marketing

How to be a Good Client


1. Emancipate your agency from fear.
2. Select the right agency in the first place.
3. Brief your agency very thoroughly indeed.
4. No creative competition with your agency.
5. Coddle the goose who lays the golden egg.
6. Don’t strain your advertising through too many layers.
7. Make sure your agency makes a profit.
8. Don’t haggle with your agency.
9. Be candid and encourage candor.
10. Set high standards.
11. Test everything.
12. Hurry.
13. Don’t waste time on problem babies
14. Tolerate genius.
15. Don’t under spend.

Branding, Marketing

How to be a Good Client
Monday, 14.12.2009

Confessions of an Advertising Man is the distillation of all the successful Ogilvy concepts, tactics and techniques that made the book an international bestseller.

From David Ogilvy in Confessions of an Advertising Man
Published by No Exit Press

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