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Todd DiCiurcio´s Heartstrings

Believe me you should be sorry for not attending the show and if you were there you had a blast! Here are some pictures from the new exhibit of works by Todd DiCiurcio.

Monday, 21.12.2009
22:45 (Cet)

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New York-based artist Todd DiCiurcio really brings the arts together. He mainly draws at music concerts where he starts drawing when the band starts playing and stops when they stop – producing results that are accordingly unique. Still strongly connected to music, he recently expanded his live drawings to include theater performances and film shoots. His 2008 debut breakthrough event, titled Synthesis, was hosted by the Art Production Fund and longtime friend Petra Nemcova, and was the first exhibition event held at the Tribeca Underground Club, Santos’ Party House.

Images of the party and exhibition are shot by Rony Alvin and hosted by Confederary.
More images in Rony′s Photobooth.

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