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Cowgirls Making out with The BossHoss

Bread & Butter awaited us with a opening party with the Berlin band The BossHoss in the “Original Sin Saloon”. Ofcourse the party was packed with the fair community and local celebrities from Klaus Wowereit to Ray Cokes and quite some Dita van Teese look-a-likes.

The guests were received in the “Original Sin Saloon”, a gigantic 6-pole party tent at the heart of the Bread & Butter event, with a wild mix of traditional Oktoberfest and classic western saloon atmosphere. Guests feasted on the deliciously hearty cuisine with grilled chicken and crusted roast pork while enjoying the sensuous burlesque show and the gritty country music!

Saturday, 23.01.2010
12:15 (Cet)

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