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I and D

Twenty-nine-year-old Jean-Philippe Gawronski launched I and D in 2007 with the ambition of creating an ecological, contemporary and sophisticated range of shoes and accessories. 

Jean-Philippe's concern for protecting the environment is omnipresent and he is particularly saddened by the destruction of a large part of the Amazon rainforest. Having adopted "organic" consumption practices, he noticed that very few brands of clothes and accessories, particularly on the luxury market, use organic production processes. So he decided to rectify this by creating his own brand and humorously naming it Imitation and Disguise.

After spending his childhood in Brazil where he was immersed in the world of fashion his mother worked as finance director for some of the large high-street fashion chains before creating her own couture house – it was natural that Jean-Philippe would take up a career as a model. However, his enthusiasm for fashion went beyond appearances, he was more interested in design and so in 2001 he decided to go to Paris. He joined the Malhia Kent couture house where he worked as an assistant for two years, then he continued his apprenticeship by becoming chief assistant to Carlos Miele in Sao Paulo, then in New York and lastly in Paris. He moved to Paris permanently in 2006 and worked for Martin Grant while studying at the Studio Berçot. In 2008 he went to work for Lanvin alongside Albert Elbaz for almost a year.

Monday, 28.06.2010
17:00 (Cet)

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