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Stella McCartney goes Botanical

If you like Stella McCartney's Botanical collection you will fall in love with the Qompendium Stationery Set created in 2009 with the same botanical material and on paper.

The digital world is evolving fast with its various forms – electronic mails, e-cards, telephone calls, chats and instant-publishing platforms. With this Qompendium Stationery Set 08/09 our mission is to bring traditional print culture back into our daily lives while introducing emerging newcomers and international artists to a wider audience using the best canvas ever: Arjowiggins.

The Qompendium Stationery Set is enhanced with a Pitt Artist Pen ›brush‹  by Faber-Castell. This writing device is especially developed for handwritten stationery, available in 48 colors.


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Wednesday, 08.12.2010
12:45 (Cet)

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Paper qualities used for all cards and envelopes are produced by Arjowiggins and range from Curious Metallics, Conqueror Concept/Effects to Curious Touch Soft

Production in regular 4 color offset printing with special colors Pantone 532 C, Reflex Blue C, 4625 C, 289 C

Special finishing with hot foil embossing and blind embossing

Special enhancement by Faber-Castell with a Pitt Artist Pen ›brush‹ by Faber-Castell, in black color.

This set contains 1 box with satin laces, 1 poster, format A2, 21 greeting cards, compliments cards, 16 matching envelopes in 11,0 x 22,0 cm

ISBN: 978-3-9810398-1-8 

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