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Kimberly Lloyd for Strenesse

"The Golden Eagle (Aquila Chrysaetos) is one of the most respected raptors in the world and has been used by many countries as a national symbol, depicting power, beauty and independence. For me the Golden Eagle is equivalent to Germany. It means freedom, safety and hope. Deutschland, die Zukunft is dein - your golden era has just begun." Quote by Kimberly Lloyd

"In Liebe zu Deutschland" with visions of the world's renowned artists, writers, designers and story tellers included in on of the heaviest independent quality magazine of its time: M Publication. Yet another magazine project co-published by Kimberly Lloyd.

You can now buy the special designed shirt coming along with a tote bag designed by Kimberly Lloyd for Strenesse featuring Frédéric Sofiyana.

Thursday, 28.04.2011
12:15 (Cet)

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Material: 100% Cotton
Label: Kimberly Lloyd for Strenesse
Color: Green and gold
Print: Gold silk screen
Limited to 150 pieces

Free Shipping Germany
Free Shipping United Kingdom, Italy, France

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EUR 99,00

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