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Cmyk Book

What is the future in the independent magazine market? Glossies versus arsty farsty brochures with pieces of grafitti in a polybeutel? Is that the future?

Kimberly Lloyd created the Cmyk Book 05, a primer for The International Independent Magazine Culture Festival in Barcelona, inviting important figures of the publishing scene to be part of the book and the conference back in 2005.

Together with Tyler Brûlé, Lloyd unveiled some secrets of the publishing scene during the Cmyk Conference 2005 in Barcelona.

Published by Lloyd & Associates GmbH

Friday, 20.11.2009
11:15 (Cet)

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Paperback: 324 Pages
Publisher: Lloyd & Associates GmbH
Language: English, Spanish
ISBN: 39810398-0-7
Size: 17cm x 21,5cm x 3cm

Weight: 960grm

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End of editorial? Strenght in numbers? Big, Bigger, Biggest? Non-conceptual magazines and and chaotic zines? Awards-winning and yet no money? Graphic versus Photography! Advertisers dictating the content and many other issues were some of the themes that were discussed at the two-day Cmyk Conference in Barcelona with publishers and magazine directors.

Tyler Brûlé and Kimberly Lloyd arranged and moderated a roundtable on advertorials, advertisers and how genuine content could be fatally interrupted and destroyed by commercial partners. Would there be unpaid editorial content? What is the future of publishing?


Essays and Interviews by/with

Tyler Brûlé, Jermey Leslie, Ramon Fano, Cellina von Mannstein, Demian Sellfors, Jason Mcvearry, Adam Glickman and others.

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