Qompendium is an evolving and ever-changing platform for philosophy, art, culture and science, represented by a series of print publications: magazines, books and monographs. Furthermore, it is enriched by a gallery concept, a work shop and a fast-moving online portal.

Regular Editions

Qompendium Print Publication
Volume 1


Qompendium Print Publication is a selective journey through the multiverse of intentional and unintentional time capsules featuring an array of exceptional pictorial essays, unabridged interviews and supplementary brand editorials.

Regular Editions

Qompendium Print Publication Volume 1
Sunday, 25.10.2009

Paperback: 304 Pages
Publisher: Lloyd & Associates GmbH;
Print: 1. (25. September 2009)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 3981039823
ISBN-13: 978-3981039825
Size: 24,6 x 17 x 2,4 cm
Weight: 960grm

EUR 19,00

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