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Brand Books: Gas Jeans

Many brands have discovered curatorial journalism for themselves and many are turning in to experts when it comes to utilizing the force of multiplication by tying up creative professionals in their branding process as well. And so did Gas Jeans with its 25th anniversary celebration by creating a book and an exhibition with 15 creative individuals – graphic designers, illustrators, writers, photographers, designers and directors to interpret the brand Gas Jeans.

The process resulted into a hardbound book of 226 pages with nine chapters reflecting the passion and philosophy of this company to its one and only product “denim”. As publishers, journalists and graphic designers ourselves we can certify that this brand book is thoroughly Italian in its quality; brilliantly offset printed on the Munken paper stock, solid typography and colorful photography. Each book is hand-signed by the mastermind of the brand: Claudio Grotto.

Tuesday, 31.08.2010
18:00 (Cet)

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