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Christmas, already?

A contemporary Christmas tree crafted from a solid piece of a rare and historical Lebanon Cedar at the castle “Château de Sassenage” near Grenoble, in the French Alps. This unique tree grew up to a height of about 20 meters and had an average trunk diameter of 2.2 meters. Planted in 1790, at the time of Marie Antoinette and Ludwig XVI, a time when the upper nobility loved to enrich their opulent gardens with trees of exotic heritage.

During a terrible storm the crown of this monumental specimen was devastatingly damaged and this rare, protected tree had to be felled. The company Linari and its chief designer Rainer Diersche was granted to purchase what was left and create a piece of luxury to last for a while.

A limited Linari Christmas Edition scented tree is available through September to December.

Wednesday, 08.09.2010
17:30 (Cet)

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