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Jason Alper rebrands Masterpieces with Louis Vuitton

Jason Alper was born and raised in England. A “cockney boy” who was exposed and inspired by an array of cultures, from the unrefined streets of East London, to the historic grandeur of Knightsbridge, his life was and is an ongoing dichotomy.

Alper, for the past decade, has been an influencer in the world of popular culture. Collaborating with Sacha Baron Cohen, he is known as a fearless costume designer with an artistic and irreverent eye, and for creating the iconic and memorable characters of Ali G, Borat and Bruno. Always one to push the envelope, Alper made the decision to use his inventiveness by expressing his talents in a new medium, but one that has always been at his core, art.
Check out his exhibition at the Guy Hepner Gallery: Proletarian Drift and the Enfranchisement of the Bourgoisie.

Photography courtsey of Guy Hepner Gallery

Tuesday, 28.09.2010
13:15 (Cet)

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