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Background Noise

"The border between different artistic media is meant to disappear to reveal interstices loaded with creativity." This publication is one of them – a collection of photography and screenshots conceptualized and elaborated around what links to sound and sonic elements to visuals. The curators have questioned themselves on how to capture sound in a photography but not necessarily showing musicians, bands or gigs. "Can we hear with our eyes? Is noise inevitably associated to movement and silence to inactivity?

An edition of 1000 copies, printed in Latvia and perfectly bound. Content-wise the book is divided in to two sections, one part mainly of photographic collages and a partition with some short essays in English and French. The curators have added a dimension of hi and low to their project by skillfully placing low res images, screenshots or enormously blown up images next to high res imagery in order to visualize noise in photography but also to demonstrate fresh contemporary art direction. The typographic setting in this publication is subtle and savvy, making it a pleasure to read. The choice of the paper quality is not a wise one, especially for the black and white spreads, we would have prefered an uncoated paper.

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Wednesday, 22.12.2010
13:30 (Cet)

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Photography by
Asako Narahashi - Lydia Anne Mc Carthy - Jacob Wolf Miller - Thobias Fäldt - Jon Feinstein - Jeff Otto O’Brien - Seth Fluker - Jeremy Liebman - Oto Gillen - Daniel Everett - Yann Gross - Honet and Wulfran Patte - Jesper Ulvelius - Shane Lavalette -Chad Muthard - Peter Sutherland - Jennilee Marigomen - Daniel Augschoell - Jo-ey Tang - Pedro Ramos - Charles Negre - Sarah Pickering - Whitney Hubbs - Ola Rindal - Bill Sullivan - Pierre Le Hors - Kalle Sanner - Coley Brown - Nicholas Gottlund - Ozant Kamaci - Mårten Lange - Gordon Nicholas - Stéphanie Gygax - Raia Al Souliman - Aimee Brodeur - Grant Willing - Ann Woo - Erin Jane Nelson - Leon Batchelor - Miranda Lehman - Jeff Luker - Jessica Hans - Alexander Binder - Sean Stewart - Audrey Corregan - Jimmy Limit

Texts by
Joël Vacheron

 Title, curating and layout
Aurélien Arbet - Jérémie Egry - Nicolas Poillot

Language: English / French
Size: 210 x 275 mm
Pages: 160, Full Colour Offset
Cover with flaps / Perfect bound
Released Sept 2010
Printed in Latvia
First edition, 1000 copies
ISBN : 978-2-9533506-1-6

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