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Linie West

LINIE WEST is a joint initiation of Künstlerhaus Stuttgart, Galerie Parrotta, Galerie Klaus Gerrit Friese and Galerie Reinhard Hauff aiming to create dynamic audience circulation and parallel discussions in Stuttgart West. The third LINIE WEST walk invites you to join us for our openings, an artist talk and the party on Friday, 11th of February 2011. Künstlerhaus Stuttgart presents the first show curated by the new artistic director Adnan Yildiz. "ECHT? based on a true story" unites works influenced by the perception of fictionalised reality, and investigates how self-reflexivity operates in artistic production. Galerie Parotta Contemporary Art presents a solo exhibition from Simone Westerwinter as well as a group show composed of works from Helga Fanderl, Susanne Klary, Verena Klary, Susanne Kriemann, Patricia London Ante Paris, Nadine Maisenbacher, Susa Reinhardt, Susanne Starke by Westerwinter's invitation. Both exhibitions play with the idea of imagineary "roadside picnic" bringing together diverse appraoches from Stuttgart, Paris, Karlsruhe, Dresden, Berlin and Munich. Galerie Reinhard Hauff presents London artist Mark Pearson with his second solo show at the gallery; "I am The Fly". As Pearson commutes through the back streets of East London, he is constantly alerted to the visual signs of its diverse cultures and communities. Galerie Klaus Gerrit Friese presents a solo presentation of works from Sandra Boeschenstein with the title "Denken mit Schubumkehr". Zürich based artist generates an absurd question and answer game in dialogues of picture and text.

Thursday, 10.02.2011
16:00 (Cet)

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