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Form: Get inspired

Get inspired - the current cover story in Form features an array of international designers writing and illustrating about their sources and understanding of inspiration: From Martin Lorenz and Chris Rehberger, Kimberly Lloyd and Hanna Nilsson, Alex Trochut, Sven Voelker, Alexis Georgacopoulos, Jerszy Seymour and many others.

After reading all the statements, here is our conclusion: In fact designers aren't inspiration fountainheads per se or go searching for sources that are. Their work methods bring in results that are inspirational to others and this process of pollination and re-pollination is the adventure that designers relish the most and get inspired by.

This issue of From also features Erik Spiekermann who received an award for   his life’s work from the Rat für Formgebung/German Design Council in Frankfurt/Main and the Bauhaus Archive in Berlin will be starting a large exhibition about him. Gerrit Terstiege, Form Editor in Chief, visited the typographer, brand consultant and author in his home, and unearthed some fascinating facts and great vintage snap shots.

Form on Flickr
Collage Assemblage by Kimberly Lloyd for Form, Issue 237

Monday, 28.02.2011
14:15 (Cet)

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