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Monocle Mediterraneo II

Following the success of its first foray into newspapers in 2010, the second edition of Monocle’s summer newspaper, Monocle Mediterraneo, hits newsstands on Thursday 28 July.With distribution in eight new markets including Australia, South Africa and South America, the super-sized broadsheet will target even more holidaying readers from around the globe.

On newsstands for eight weeks, Monocle Mediterraneo is designed to be the perfect companion for days in the sun, featuring a solar-powered mix of essays, reportage and interviews.

Highlights of Monocle Mediterraneo:
—A uniquely upbeat report on Athens, identifying locals who’ve seen the positive in the crisis and are determined to
bring about a grassroots renaissance.

—A series of essays from Monocle’s gathering of writers, historians and politicians, with topics ranging from the benefits of a tan by Robert Bound, to ‘The New Doctrine’, by former UN deputy Secretary General, Mark Malloch Brown.

—Moscow on Med explores how the Cypriot capital’s short flight times, USSR educated elite and relaxed tax laws are making Nicosia a favourite Muscovite hangout.

—And our Expo follows the Italian tax police, the Guardia di Finanza, as they go on patrol, hunting mafia smugglers, tax dodgers and the odd cigarette thief in the bay. The best beach houses from around the globe, the hottest recipes for summer feasts, the latest on fashion from Florence, and Monocle’s guide to the perfect festival are also packed into the 68-page read.
Monocle Mediterraneo features a new set of advertisers such as Gucci, Fiat and Mondomarine, alongside existing
partners including Rolex, BMW, Samsung and BlackBerry.

The newspaper is 41 per cent up on revenue compared to
the 2010 edition. Monocle Mediterraneo is another example of Monocle’s commitment to delivering high-quality journalism across a host of channels.

Monday, 15.08.2011
08:30 (Cet)

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