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Max Boufathal

As in a cabinet of curiosities, in his workshop Max Boufathal accumulates. Here are objects, fancies, humanoids, strange dogs. This mess of the world is a mirror: is reflected there the history of its imagination, with these monsters, these prodigies and these faiths, all this getting organized around the most enigmatic of creatures, man.

It is a question of conjugating the experience of interbreeding, as personal and societal reality by noting irreparable transformations in the historic and contemporary order. Games of utopian shadows where the nature can be urged to rumble. Hybrid beings then compete, finding primitive weapons and using any means in an apocalyptic world where necessity knows no law. Of untangle and recycling, strictly calculated and finished, they provoke faintness so much we can be afraid that in some parallel worlds they serve or served. Max Boufathal is an explorer of Pataphysics territories.

At this title he is also, naturally a distinguished anatomist, in the tradition of Honoré Fragonard (cousin of Jean-Honoré), Jean-Antoine Houdon and Cornelius Huybert. Three spirits of the XVIIIth century whom Maurice-Quentin de La Tour strangely omitted in its collection of portraits. Max Boufathal draws a cartography of beings, the most extraordinary, recognizing them as divine work, at the same time perfectly fabulous and totally brothers. Under the skin, are not muscles identical for each?

The time passed, the works on the genome freeze more, or give to hope more that the exercise of the dissection. And Max treats his scorched with distance and carelessness. The irony is in the material, rescue blankets and plastic bag.

Max says in an interview with Yann Chateigné?
I get ready mentally and physically for a new era of natural selection. The psychological and environmental conditions of the mankind seem to be mature to split between his fingers. … I use the art as a training ground and it turns out that it is the biggest and the most supplied with obstacles of all the survival courses that man invented.

Photography courtsey Max Boufathal

Wednesday, 07.09.2011
12:30 (Cet)

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