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Botanical Wall Charts

A cross pollination between education, art and science, the Hagemann botanical wall charts from Jung Koch Quentell are appreciated the world over for their didactic value. Dating back to the 19th century, the wall charts were created during a time of educational reform in Germany and enjoyed a particular surge in popularity when color lithography came to the fore by the 1850s. 

 The Hagemann teaching series also include the subjects of zoology, anatomy, the principles of genetics, environment and astronomy. All editions are printed on high quality canvas and fitted with wooden rods. For all the extra-curricular zealots out there, take them home with you. We especially love them in living spaces – or just give them a shout out next time you’re cross-sectioning some mushrooms and potatoes in the kitchen.

Entire series at Hagemann

Thursday, 01.03.2012
17:30 (Cet)

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