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Necromancy: Studio Job

Renaissance Belgian-Dutch duo Job Smeets and Nynke Tynagel of Studio Job operate at the flux between art and design. Picking up where the European tradition left off with the advent of the industrial age and mass production, most of their work interrogates relationships of the manmade vs. natural. Though often times dark and brooding, they also have a propensity for the playful and caricitural. With the violence and obscurity of El Greco and droll takes on iconography as Jeff Koons, they are modern day provacteurs who are intrepid in the face of shattering dogmas and challenging taboos.

Tales of power and corruption, art and industry, death and violence all reenact themselves in each monumental piece. The Pantheon throw and Perished bench are both like memento mori tokens; the latter depicts fossilized skeletons of extinct animals, birds and sea creatures, whilst the former features tanks and grenades amongst the animals – both testimonies to the plight of warfare and capital advancement.

Not to forget their material selections which are equally totemic. From oversized silverware covered in mirrored Bisazza tiles, elaborate marquetry pieces in Macassar Ebony or their biblically resounding tome, The Book of Job, with its gilded page edges, black-letter type, letterpress details, cloth markers and special gatefold tableaux.

Necromancy never looked so good. 

Thursday, 08.03.2012
02:15 (Cet)

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