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Qompendium x Cleartones

We at Qompendium are excited to present to you, dear readership, a very special gift, a result of a collaboration with Hugo Verweij of Cleartones.

There a bazillion of ringtones out there on the market but non so delicately written, so precise, minimal and yet ear piercing as these custom ringtones. You will not miss a phone call.

As a response to the ever growing amount of polyphonic and musical ringtones, Cleartones presents a set of minimalist ringtones and notification tones optimized for the iPhone and Android devices. These simple, monophonic ringtones are designed with a sole purpose: subtle notification.

Like the shoes you wear, a ringtone is part of your outfit. It says something about you. And, like with shoes, you have a choice. You might choose one of the standard ringtones and sound like everyone else. Or choose a custom ringtone. But be aware of the omnidirectional nature of sound: when your favorite Looney Tunes character, your favorite eighties disco anthem or your two-year old kid notifies you of an incoming call, your co-workers, students, or boss will hear it as well. Ringtones should be mood-less, personal, unobtrusive yet functional.

The Qompendium x Cleartones ringtone consists of a clear sound to grab the attention combined with a hidden message - the word QOMPENDIUM in morse code, on a very low volume.

Exclusive and free download here in friendly association with Cleartones. And some very special Qompendium Wallpapers going along with it.

Monday, 14.12.2015
13:15 (Cet)

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