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Stanley Kubrick Archive

The Stanley Kubrick archive nestled away at the University of Arts London vaults is one of the finest archealogical troves of cinematographic insignia in its class. By maintaining a high degree of control in his film making process, Kubrick was able to retain material generated by his pioneering techniques, research and production work: arguably making the collection one of the most complete examples of film making practice world wide. Researchers at the Archives and Special Collections Center can find out about a range of subjects including filmmaking techniques, photography, screenwriting and film marketing. Kubrick was meticulous not only in the film-making process and its finished-form, but also in the overarching marketing scheme – the posters, publicity material and trailers. And as Ryan Gilbey recently pointed out in the New Statesman, he even revolutionized the trailer and turned it into an art form: “Dr Strangelove was advertised with a breakneck collage of flashing words combined with snippets of dialogue to create new and surreal meanings; it may not have explained much, but you got a sense of that film’s savage absurdity.”

Stanley Kubrick Filmography:

1950  Day of the Fight
1951  Flying Padre
1953  The Seafarers
1953  Fear and Desire
1955  Killer’s Kiss
1956  The Killing
1957  Paths of Glory
1960  Spartacus
1962  Lolita
1964  Dr Strangelove
1968  2001: A Space Odyssey
1971  A Clockwork Orange
1975  Barry Lyndon
1980  The Shining
1987  Full Metal Jacket
1999  Eyes Wide Shut

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