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Johann Maria Farina gegenüber dem Jülischsplatz

In the 18th century an Italian perfumer by the name of Giovanni Maria Farina settled in the city of Cologne, Germany. Having concocted a healing perfume “reminiscent of a spring morning following a soft shower where fragrances of wild narcissi combine with that of sweet orange flowers,” Kölnisch Wasser or Eau de Cologne as it later became called, was officially alchemized. The company Johann Maria Farina gegenüber dem Jülischsplatz is still in operation at present along with the dedicated Duft Museum Farina-Haus located in the heart of Cologne.

Goethe was one of his most famous clients. On 9 May 1802, Goethe wrote a letter to the painter Hoffmann residing in Cologne: “I seize this opportunity to ask you to please have a box of 6 bottles of Eau de Cologne sent to me. I will pay you back along with the rest.”

“Bei dieser Gelegenheit wollte ich Sie ersuchen, mir ein Kästchen mit 6 Gläsern Eau de Cologne zu überschicken, wofür ich den Betrag mit dem übrigen gerne erstatten werde.”

Napoleon Bonaparte was also a loyal perfume enthusiast. It was reported he used eight quarts of Eau de Cologne for rubdowns every month.

Sunday, 21.10.2012
11:45 (Cet)

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