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Artist Petro Wodkins closes the Mumok in Vienna

This morning I was checking my inbox as usual to find a rather  shocking email from miss Karola Krauss, Director of Communications of Museum Moderner Kunst Ludwig Wien stating that the museum would close immediately.

The reason for this drastic action is the new survey showing a totally unacceptable proportion of visitors from Austria's wealthiest percentile, as well as vanishing interest for the art itself in favor of the gift shops, restaurants et al.

Also, perhaps as an effect of this, during the last twenty years the art itself has gradually become less and less engaging and more and more decorative. The museum extends it's deepest apologies to those affected by this drastic decision, but hope there will be an understanding for their reasoning.   

It was very clear for us that this is email or project could only be a cunning, classic pr trick so we replied to the press release congratulating them of their brilliant idea and of what help we could be.

Minutes later we were able to track down the artist behind this coup: Mr Petro Wodkins, a Russian artist exploring modern Art. His goal is to try to to find the core of art, away from the market, the posh galleries and the academia. Let's hear what his museum closing project is about.

Listen to the podcast with Kimberly Lloyd here.

Wednesday, 01.05.2013
16:45 (Cet)

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