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Water to sky, sky to earth.

Water to sky, sky to earth.
Evan’s paintings primarily focus on the purely natural California landscapes surrounding him. To Evans, the places he paints are precious.  They are close to his home, while not part of his everyday life; places driven past or walked by unnoticed in the usual course of events, blending in with the neutral gray of the common place-trees invisibly growing, clouds drifting by, the river flowing on and on without calling attention to itself.  For Evans, each of these places holds vibrant secrets of intimacy and grandeur which, when revealed, revives him with life sustaining energy and a peaceful awareness of being embraced and protected by the whole world.

“Equilibrium is a state of balance between opposing forces, influences or effects. My work in creating landscape paintings involves the art of balancing compositional elements of water to sky, sky to earth, shadow to light, and original to reflection. As a painter I seek to strike a balance between the tactility of paint on the surface of the canvas and the illusion of depth and distance. As a member of a complex technological society I struggle to balance work and play, the conflicting economic forces of art and business, and the range of emotions in personal relationships. The contemplation of pure nature and the activity of artistic expression help me to find and keep my balance.” Christopher Evans 2013

Born in 1954 in Bremerton, WA, Christopher Evans trained in painting, sculpture, and graphic arts at the University of California, Los Angeles.  His third Solo Exhibition is at the Fischbach Gallery opening 30 May and continuing through 28 June 2013.  The reception for this exhibition will be held at the Gallery on Thursday, June 6, from 5 to 7 pm.

Photography courtesy of Fischbach Gallery

Tuesday, 04.06.2013
10:45 (Cet)

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