Qompendium is an evolving and ever-changing platform for philosophy, art, culture and science, represented by a series of print publications: magazines, books and monographs. Furthermore, it is enriched by a gallery concept, a work shop and a fast-moving online portal.

Qompendium Work Shop x Museum Wiesbaden

Qompendium Work Shop is an art concept store and a consequent extension to Qompendium Print Publication.

It is created to nurture the readership with an open and ongoing space to encounter cutting-edge and historically relevant products, ideas and individual talents.

By opening this multibrand shopping experience the aim was to eliminate the existing hierarchy between global luxury brands and new emerging artists.

Qompendium Work Shop operates both offline and online, with worldwide shipping and satellite locations.

Qompendium Work Shop is now partnering with Museum Wiesbaden to showcase a replica of the store for two nights under the auspices of the museum.

Come and join us on the 12th December 2013 for drinks by Aqua Monaco and Balthasar Ress with great music by Trevor Jackson, Non Collective, Alex Murray-Leslieā€Š of Chicks on Speed, Chris Kontos, Com Truise and Samba Utopia.


Monday, 25.11.2013
21:45 (Cet)

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