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Sculptures by Yang Maoyuan

Born in 1966 in Dalian, China, sculptural artist Yang Maoyuan alters classical sculpture by a painstaking process of grinding and smoothing to reduce them down to their simplest elements. In Indian thought, the sphere- a three-dimensional embodiment of harmony-was the preferred symbol for the perfect expression of reality. Connected to these Indian thoughts, in Chinese culture, the round is the perfect and not the edge. Yang explores the contrast between Chinese and western classical sculpture; the smoothness and simplicity of polished marble that ultimately becomes reflective, giving a sense of introspection to the viewer vs. the idealized, highly detailed portraiture of Western classical works.

Yang Maoyuan graduated from the Central Institute of Fine Arts, Beijing, China in 1989. Yang lives and works in Beijing, China.


Monday, 21.04.2014
12:45 (Cet)

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