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Stanley Kubrick as Photographer

Between 1945 and 1950, Stanley Kubrick produced a series of essay-type photographic reports for the American magazine Look, allowing him to perfect his skills in composition, atmosphere and timing, and thus to develop his own narrative technique and imagery.

Covering more than fifteen of the Look photo reports, Eyes Wide Open explores this lesser-known chapter in the career of the legendary director and testifies to his great narrative potential and keen psychological insight. As in his later films, one sees Kubrick opting for out-of-the-ordinary, often lonely human stories, all set in New York during those years when the city became “the new capital of the world”.

8 MAY – 13 JULY 2014

Images courtesy Museum of the City of New York
Gift of Cowles Communications, Inc. © SK Film Archives, LLC

Sunday, 20.04.2014
21:15 (Cet)

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