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Heart of Glass

In the endless expanse of this barren landscape, we are alone. You elude my grasp and captivate my gaze, setting the stillness of me ablaze with the brazen fury of your movement. Within this reflection of myself, I am broken and rendered naked. As we retrace our steps back through the debris of my shattered corpse, we find what was once lost. This is the contradiction, we are given hope in this lifeless place, only by losing ourselves can we truly find who we are. The indefinite nature of us, our true value, lies in our impermanence. Within the bitter, broken dust of us, lie the seeds of rebirth. We need little more than the spark of a kindled flame to reignite us, to be made anew.

A photographic essay by Branden Collins, Madeline Moore and John Michael Fulton

Photography by John Michael Fulton

Art direction, styling, modeling: Branden Collins and Madeline Moore

Tuesday, 23.12.2014
18:30 (Cet)

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