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Designblast: Daniel Eatock

On the command of Daniel Eatock: Live counting session with 300 participants.

Thursday, 01.10.2009
17:15 (Cet)

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The University of Arts and Design in Karlsruhe was holding a one-day conference making entertaining, provocative and promising design trends visible for the entire number of 500 participants.

Six young speakers standing at the beginning of their careers showed new directions and trends to be expected in the future.

The Italian Elio Caccavale showed the possibilities biotechnology offers for design. The only German representative, graphic designer Mario Lombardo reported everything about his former career at Spex and his further new projects. Jan Wilker from New York lectured about being a designer in Manhattan and our beloved British product designer Richard Sweeny fascinated everyone with his fragile paper sculptures – you can see some of his work we commissioned for Arjo Wiggins here. Daniël van der Velden from the Netherlands held a lecture about the designer as producers of value of all sorts. Daniel Eatock, one of our Qompendium Work Shop Berlin exhibitors invited the participants to join his ongoing projects like “Picture of the Week” or “Holley Portraits”. At the end of Daniel´s speech the auditorium rejoiced with him in a live counting performance.

The conference was organized by students and was curated by our friend Petra Schmidt, who works as a freelance writer and design consultant in Frankfurt. Petra Schmidt studied theater, film and media sciences and was editor-in-chief of the magazine “Form” from 1999 to 2007.

At the same time the exhibition Vertrautes Terrain took place at the ZKM and all the visitors were free to take a look at contemporary German art and design.

Elio Caccavale
Daniel Eatock
Mario Lombardo
Richard Sweeny
Daniël van der Velden
Jan Wilker

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