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Bulgaria Magazine

Tom Bulgaria aka. Bange, Hänninen and team challenged humor some several times. Here is their idea of Finland in their monothematic magazine.

Thursday, 01.10.2009
18:45 (Cet)

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This magazine cannot be described in ordinary terms. Here is an excerpt of a personal letter to us:

"Dear Kimberly,
We know you are busy and everything, trying to handle your daily tasks in a fast moving publishing and modeling business, but...

... remember, somewhere thousands of kilometers away from Deutschland there are three Bulgarians thinking about you as you read this. Look out of the window, glance towards the sky and in your dreams you can see us, like stars twinkling behind the misty galaxy.

Here by we would like you to grant this humble present so you could have us back in your heart. It is a book about a country called Finland (we´re not sure you have heard about it). It gives you an alphabetical insight on what´s going on in there.

Maybe you can even come visit us in the future.

Your sluts"

And yes, you can get to know them and how much of a slut they can be. Check out these party pictures with the Qompendium Crew.


Pop Quiz

Greatest Achievement: Winning the kindergarten lottery.
Wise words: Promote Bulgaria Magazine in interviews as possible at all times.
Favourite drink: Milkbeer.
Favourite city: Bujak-a-city.
Analogue or digital: I can´t decide.
Best party ever: Bulgaria launch party.
Best freebie ever: Girlfriends, trips abroad, cars and houses.
Grave addiction: Sausages.

Vital Statistics Bulgaria

Date of Birth: May 2001
Editor: Tom Bulgaria
Target audience: Yes please.
Location: Helsinki.
Size of team: 8 
Size of mag: 210mm x 270mm.
Number of pages: 132
Issues per year: 1-2
Niche: Unique trend magazine.
Distribution: 5000-10000

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