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Sneak Peak G-Star Essentials

The G-Star Show was the place to be among some others. Thanks to the special invitation we were able to access the show and the extravagant stand at the Bread and Butter in Berlin to view all the extraordinary pieces of craftsmanship. At G-Star the product is the star but these denim developers definitely know how to celebrate their brand in a proper way. We were impressed.

Tuesday, 26.01.2010
18:15 (Cet)

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As founders of Luxury Denim, G-Star, re-introduces Raw Essentials – elevating everyday denim to a highly refined mix of vintage and modern. No limits were set to reach this goal. This collection features craftsmanship products creating a true offering for the denim addict.

The Loose Tapered denim cut is further evolved in the new Hank pant. This low-crotch, straight-hip, tapered-leg style combines a high-volume waist-to-knee section with a tight-to-the-leg lower to create an instantly recognizable silhouette, unique to G-Star.

A new extreme washing is also added with the ‘Destroyed Program,’ a hardcore finish that utilizes aggressive abrasion with a blunt edge to heavily score and hole the denim. The resulting damage is left un-repaired and the overall finish harks back to the extreme functionality and hard lives of early denim garments.

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