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Anna Wegelin is greatly inspired by Pocahontas, who was a Virginia Indian princess notable for having assisted colonial settlers at Jamestown in present-day Virginia. Her accessory line is handcrafted, reminding us of indian jewellery with a blend of contemporary swedish fashion. We met Anna Wegelin in Berlin and hopefully soon again on the catwalks of the fashion world.

Tuesday, 16.02.2010
13:30 (Cet)

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Anna Wegelin, Design Student

Qompendium: Why did you chose to go to Hamburg to study?

Anna Wegelin: I thought about studying somewhere else at first, like Central St. Martins in London but I wasn’t quite sure if that was the right thing for me right then. I wasn’t ready with Hamburg yet so I chose to stay and attend the Hamburg Academy of Fashion and Design –  a decision I’m pretty happy about now. Everything that happens, happens for a reason, right?

You have an insight on cities like Berlin and London? What is the difference between these cities for you?

I really love London yet I think it´s over-saturated with fashion designers. It´s more like a messy battlefield and I prefer to concentrate on creating things rather than fighting others. The Berlin fashion scene is developing so quickly right now, the chance to get a slice of the cake
is quite high. There even is a fridge with loads of cakes, they are all up for grabs.

What do you hate in the fashion world? And what do you love in fashion?
I love almost everything in fashion and there are so many special moments, like putting your heart into a collection and making this collection grow – thats awesome. I only cannot stand shallow people, unfortunately there are many of them in the fashion world.

Do you think it is necessary for fashion designers be good business women as well?

I think it’s important in every job to be a good business woman. The fashion industry is a tough place and one doesn’t get many chances. It’s not
enough to be creative – you also need to know how to sell your ideas and most importantly yourself.

The media is going crazy about models, their sizes and the whole anorexia issue. You will be completing your fashion design study soon – what is your opinion? What should change?

Super skinny is the beauty ideal of our time. Personally, I would not work with overly skinny models. Yet as a fashion designer I don’t feel
responsible for changing those views but I’m pretty sure that there will other times on the horizon.

Anna, do you remember anything in Kazakhstan? What inspired you most in Kazakhstan? What memories did you take with you?

I do get happy when I think about my mother country. I lived there until I was five years old. My family had a little house in a tiny village where
my mother walked the cow to the fields everyday. Meanwhile I was riding around this village on my little bike – butt naked – a story my grand
parents bring up on every occasion. The view on life, people have over there I admire the most, they feel more content with what they have and focus more on  personal qualities, something that inspires me in my work.

Anna Wegelin
Born and raised in Almaty, Kazakhstan, now living in Hamburg, Germany. Anna is a young fashion and accessory designer studying at the Academy of Fashion and Design in Hamburg. In 2009 she worked as an intern at Richard Nicoll London and will be soon graduating in December 2010.

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