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Brett Wilkinson

British illustrator Brett Wilkinson combines vivid, flowing forms with linear and geometric shapes influenced from a background in graphic design. Wilkinson’s illustrations can often be found in commercial advertising campaigns, used on products and featured on packaging in addition to appearing in international art publications and exhibitions around the world ranging from London to Tokyo.

Saturday, 13.02.2010
13:45 (Cet)

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Aside from work at his studio OneSideZero, Wilkinson is also one half of the creative duo at Inkthis which annually plays host to a series of graphic events showcasing a wealth of creativity from leading international artists. When asked why he decided to be an illustrator, he answers: There hasn't really been a time when I wasn't creative, my childhood was spent making and drawing things and my eduation revloved around art and design from an early age. I was drawn to digital illustration when studying graphic design as I found I could use the same principals and software to I used for design to make clean, solid illustrative shapes which my work is built from.

Brett Wilkinson finds his inspiration in music, books, nature, dreams, photos and people. He is also hugely drawn to photography as source of inspiration, as it allows him to see the world from different perspectives. A few of the artists  Brett Wilkinson finds truly inspiring are: Tomokazu MatsuyamaEyvind Earle, Lucinda Rogers and Noriko Ambe.

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