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Meet Robert G. Bartholot

Robert G. Bartholot is a freelance designer emphasising delicately on photographic illustration and art direction. Born in 1971 in the south of Germany, Bartholot became a graphic designer in Aachen, by gaining experience in Lucerne and Zurich, before he moved to Madrid to join photography legend Álvaro Villarrubia's team. He has been exploring and creating his particular style ever since. Beside his interest in dollish characters he certainly has a weakness for dusty shine, timeless fashion and striking gloom. His work has been published in magazines such as Objects (Berlin), Novum (Munich), Neo2 (Madrid), Vnfold (Buenos Aires) & Schön! (London). He recently relocated from Madrid to Berlin. We at Qompendium will be following him for another while.

Thursday, 18.03.2010
23:45 (Cet)

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