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To obey or not: fourfiveX

A random collection of subjects, things, typography, graphic expression and sometimes even art by three pairs of hungry young eyes. Meet Alexander Lis, Tim Heiler and Kai Bergmann the founders of the collective "fourfiveX".

Tuesday, 11.05.2010
18:00 (Cet)

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FourfiveX is an initiative for independent ideas, products, design and art. Founded by Alexander Lis and Tim Heiler in 2005, fourfiveX was completed by Kai Bergmann in 2009.

In their independent practise, the gentlemen explore an ever-growing array of creative opportunities both experimental and professional. fourfiveX works in a series of original interactions amongst its members and the world, gathering, sharing and cultivating knowlege through and about the production of ideas, physical and virtual objects. fourfiveX can be seen as a mindset (or meme) ever present (in various concious and subconcious ways and an ever-shifting intensity and bias) amongst the appearance of the initiatives members and followers.

Their process of research and ongoing experiment can be followed through fourfiveX.net as well as through a variety of "real-world" projects (falsely labeling the internet as "not real"). Currently, Samuel Bänzinger, Katja Baumann, Matthias Zänsler and Štěpán Prokop (amongst the core members) are contributing to the site in an open, mostly unmoderated dialogue.

As the three put this together: fourfiveX tries never to obey any rule, not even its own dogma, eventually fails badly, but keeps on trying never the less.

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