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A from Outer Space

Created in 2006, the atelier aquarium is a studio for multidisciplinary graphic design, managed by two artistic directors: Jérémie Nuel and Simon Renaud. The studio has developed a great variety of artistic projects for a broad range of institutions, firms and associations and, in parallel, also provides custom-designed projects.

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Tuesday, 01.06.2010
16:00 (Cet)

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A from Outer Space

Here is an excerpt from their website about the project: "It is clear that the letter is essential in our efforts to make good graphic design and when we are designing new projects, we think always about typography. Therefore, it was natural for us to put forward through our photographic experiments a letter (character A), which is 2m30 tall made by us during the summer of 2009. After designing a poster with this work (about 60cm par 40cm), we decided to stay rather enigmatic in the presentation of our studio, preferring to stimulate curiosity and to put a link to our website and encourage people to discover us more intuitively through a personal approach."

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