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Curating and the Educational Turn

Well produced and unadorned in its design, this book is for any one interested in curating or maintaining an art practice. It is compiled with tweny-seven critical essays describing the phenomenon and representing an extremely helpful tool for anyone interested in the future of curatorship and exhibitions. Hans Ulrich Obrist describes the book as a huge potential for art institutions to be laboratories and places of knowledge production.

Tuesday, 01.06.2010
18:45 (Cet)

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In recent years there has been increased debate on the incorporation of pedagogy into curatorial practice—on what has been termed “the educational turn” (“turn” in the sense of a paradigmatic re-orientation, within the arts). In this new volume, artists, curators, critics and academics respond to this widely recognized turn in contemporary art. Consisting primarily of newly commissioned texts, from interviews and position statements to performative text and dialogue, Curating and the Educational Turn also includes a small number of previously published writings that have proved primary in the debate so far. This anthology presents an essential cultural question for anyone interested in the cultural politics of production at the intersections of art, teaching and learning.

Founded by David Blamey in 1992, Open Editions operates as an independent platform for creative partnerships between artists, designers, academics, writers, curators and critics. An ethos of experimentation and equality underpins our publishing: theory and practice are combined; artists and writers exchange ideas on a level playing field; the controlled logic of academicism is eschewed in favour of the subject speaking more directly for itself. Each of our publishing projects is undertaken as a bespoke enterprise. New titles are conceived, resourced, designed and produced by contributors whose ideas coalesce around topics of interest held in common. Often, we employ an approach whereby experts from diverse fields of practice are encouraged conduct a dialogue, as opposed to making singular statements. In this way, Open Editions’ publications are conceived as workshops of ideas that contribute to an expanded notion of both making and writing about art.

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