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Highsnobiety Magazine

Who says print is dead? Here is another proof of publishing entrepreneurship. This magazine is a simple adaptation of a blog into printed media. It is all about streetwear products with a dash of passion and maybe just a little too much of Adidas and Nike. Distributed throughout Bread and Butter, it is a free magazine and made for the lifestyle enthusiast. The graphic designer in you might come short, as it is extremely subtle in its typography, mainly set in Letter Gothic 12 Pitch and Garamond, and the visual language is not perfectly in tune, due to various contributors. The publisher is no one less but David Fischer of Highsnobiety, who started his website five years ago, making it today to one of the most well-known sites for fashion inspiration. The glossy is printed in Germany, designed by Jonas Hegi, with photographies by Alexander Gnädinger, David Mallon, Robert Wunsch and others. Nevertheless, this is the best complimentary magazine the Bread and Butter has ever had and we have been to almost all of them since 1999.

Monday, 12.07.2010
18:00 (Cet)

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