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From Shirts to Fame

Custo Dalmau, born as Ángel Custodio Dalmau Salmón, in Tremp, Lleida, in 1959.  He is a Spanish fashion designer reaching fame for his notorious prints on T-shirts. He founded the firm Custo Barcelona with his brother David. Custo spent his childhood and adolescence in Barcelona, where he studied architecture. After a journey through the United States with his brother, they started to create their famous T-shirts. Custo Barcelona firm was initially associated with Meyba company, but after 11 years, they split up and Custo Barcelona began to be very successful with his own label and independence. Many celebrities in the music and film business love to wear Custo Barcelona.

Photography by Manuel Eckl for Qompendium

Wednesday, 14.07.2010
16:15 (Cet)

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