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Inventory Magazine

As the name of the magazine Inventory reveals, it is a print publication for goods and materials and the Creative Director Ryan Willms likes to be quoted, “it is a curation of ideas in product, craft and culture”. Inventory is printed in Canada with a total run of 5,000 copies altogether by the printing house “Printcrafters”. This menswear journal delivers the typical material of a promising independent magazine. Giving the reader interviews, short articles, spreads of photography, still-life details, portraits of retailers and even product placements alongside illustrations, solid typography focusing on middle-sized to small companies specialized in quality and craftsmanship. Design wise it does remind extremely of the almighty Monocle. Paper wise it is printed on an uncoated stock, unfortunately the printing profiles could have been modified to the paper as printing on an uncoated stock is not an easy job and we know that mostly all printers hate doing it.

Wednesday, 14.07.2010
19:15 (Cet)

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