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Monocle Summer Newspaper

Newspaper aficionados, this summer is indeed one of the best for us. We are very happy to see Monocle launch its summer newspaper, which is supposed to be a super-sized, high-quality newspaper, targeting holidaying readers around the Mediterranean and city hubs throughout Europe, Asia and North America.

We have not received the hard copy yet, but we will be posting soon in detail on its haptic, functionality and ofcourse content factor. As our publisher soul-mate Tyler Brûlé puts it: “There’s a huge amount of talk about the death of print, thanks to various types of ‘pad’ devices, but if you think of summer – with sand, swimming, sun cream and socialising - a carefully crafted newspaper is more useful and reader-friendly than a backlit screen that hates the sun and salt”.

We believe that print is more than alive but it can only stay alive if you keep your content strong, your design inspiring and find commodities to prove your unique selling proposition and then you will also find advertising companies. Monocle partners with BMW, BlackBerry and Pictet as part of the mix for their summer newspaper.

The Monocle newspaper is available on newsstands from 29 July for eight weeks, accompanied by the weekly Monocle Summer Series audio bulletin, online at www.monocle.com from 30 July.

The Monocle newspaper cover price: £3.50/€5; size: 460 x 300mm; pagination: 60

Listen to podcast review here or simply download it.

Monday, 26.07.2010
17:45 (Cet)

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